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As you are facing the long side of the building – the main entrance is to your left. To the right, around the corner at the end of the building is a door which leads to the hallway where the new room is, and the first door on your right is “it”.
Master Data Services and Handling SCD Type 2 with Swagatika Sarangi (Jazz)

This demo will focus on, making your design for an extremely fault-tolerant system when it comes to dealing with SCD type 2 dimension in MDM design. In this section, we will be focusing on Incremental Inferred flag logic implementation for Slowly Changing Dimensions Type – 2 handling in Master Data Services, Dim tables and Fact Tables. Other than showing SSIS incremental SCD logic implementation design, I plan on showing end UI for two Master Data Products:
  1. MDS Web UI – For Microsoft Product Users
  2. Informatica Data Director – For Informatica MDM hub users

Tools Used:
  • SQL Management Studio 2017
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Master Data Service 2016

Jazz is intensely devoted to Data Governance, Master Data Management over past 9 years. Working for clients like Kinder Care Education, GE, Nike, Bloomin’ Brands, J B Hunt etc. in delivering their best Master Data solutions. She is looking forward to speaking at PASS summit 2017 this year.
She is passionate about Northern Lights, Human Brain, Simulation of Universe, and Data.

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