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As you are facing the long side of the building – the main entrance is to your left. To the right, around the corner at the end of the building is a door which leads to the hallway where the new room is, and the first door on your right is β€œit”.
AzureSQL - Lessons from the Field with Tim Giorgi

NWEA is finishing up the first phase of a transition of company tools from a local datacenter to the Azure Cloud. This was no ordinary lift-and-sift but a transition to the platform-as-a-service to take advantage of some of the great features the cloud has to offer.

We'll discuss topics of cost: estimate vs reality, hybrid environment concerns, high availability, and setting up dev and qa environments. Then we'll dive deep into topics like worker counts, profiling, user and connectivity management and more.

Tim Giorgi is a Solution Architect with NWEA. Currently he's working on transitioning the company's .NET applications, services, and SQL databases to the Microsoft Azure cloud, doing high level architecture of the next-gen version of the company tools, and getting VERY familiar with AzureSQL. Tim has over 30 years of software and database development experience and has worked with SQL Server since the 1990's




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